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What is GrandShare?

GrandShare is pioneer of shared ownership and we have created the only online marketplace for the shared ownership real estate opportunity! With, now you can find a property you desire and purchase a fraction of it! Then, we make owning, operating, and sharing use of that property easy and worry-free with our Co-Ownership Operating Agreement! With this agreement, we have worked all the details so you can get back to a stress free vacation!

Do not let our name GrandShare confuse you, because this is not a timeshare! This is actual ownership of a home that is shared by multiple parties, which means they all own a portion of the title!

  • I'm very happy I discovered GrandShare! This was a brilliant alternative to selling my property outright.

  • I was thoroughly impressed by the whole process. GrandShare made forming a partnership and buying our property easier than I imagined.

  • The team at GrandShare were so wonderful to work with! They were very knowledgeable and friendly, and they helped me every step of the way.